Bluetooth & WiFi Connections

  • Make sure the device contains fresh batteries
  • Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly according to +/- signs
  • Make sure the otoscope is charged. Using the USB-C cable (included in your kit), connect the otoscope to a charger. If the light turns red, your otoscope needs charging. Once it is fully charged, the red light will switch off

After your first-time login, you are asked to switch on the device and pair it with the app. The next time you login the pairing is done automatically once you turn on the device. If the device isn’t pairing:

  1. Make sure your device is on and that the blue indicator light appears
  2. If there are other Bluetooth connected devices around, turn them OFF
  3. Close the device and the app
  4. Turn on device
  5. Reopen the app
  • Make sure your otoscope is charged (check for the green flashing light indicator when removing the cap)
  • If necessary, charge the otoscope using the cable included in your kit (light indicator should turn red when charging).
  • Restart exam flow:
  1. Place device cap back on
  2. Exit exam and go back to exams menu
  3. Select the exam you wish to perform and follow the app instructions

*For iPhone users: open your phone settings, find the Nonagon app and make sure your Local Network setting is turned ON:

  1. Close the app and switch off the device
  2. While the app is closed, switch the device on so the blue light appears
  3. Open the app and login
  4. Make sure the blue light turns green and continue performing exams
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