Performing Exams

Heart Rate & Oxygen Level

Before each exam carefully read the App instructions and watch the video tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions 

1. Turn on the N9+ device, launch the App, and login to your Nonagon account

2. In the Members screen, tap the START button for the patient you wish to perform the exam on

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3. Select Heart rate & oxygen level from the exams menu

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4. Review the app instructions and press START to activate the N9+ device. This will light up the sensor

5. Warm your hands and gently place your thumb on the sensor. Make sure not to press down too hard. Remain seated and relaxed while the exam is in progress

6. Once the exam is complete, save the results, which will appear in the exams menu

Exam Tips

    • Try to remain calm and still
    • Take deep breaths
    • Make sure your hands are warm
    • Don’t press on the sensor, but rather rest your finger on it

    Video Tutorial

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