Performing Exams


Before each exam carefully read the App instructions and watch the video tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Turn on the N9+ device, launch the App, and login to your Nonagon account

2. In the Members screen, tap the START button for the patient you wish to perform the exam on

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3. Select Lungs from the exams menu

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4. Use the graph on the intro screen to make sure the noise level is normal and tap NEXT

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5. Review the app instructions and press START to activate the N9+ device. The purple activation button on your device will turn on

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6. Starting with the “Back” points, follow the onscreen blinking dots to place the stethoscope in the correct position. Click the activation button once to start the recording countdown.

You will need another person to assist you with the “Back” points. If you do not have anyone available, you can switch to the “Front” and leave out the “Back” points

7. Make sure you remain quiet by checking the noise meter on your screen. If the noise level is too high, it will turn red prompting you to keep the noise around you down

8. For each point completed, the dot will be marked in green. You may play the recording (using headphones), retake the point or save it to proceed to the next point

9. Once all “Back” points have been recorded, the App will switch to the “Front” points

10. After completing the “Front” points, you’ll return to the exams menu screen, where you can review all the points you recorded

Exam Tips

  • Always perform the exam on bare skin
  • Make sure the exam environment is as quiet as possible (turn off the TV and other noisy appliances, and move away from other people who may be speaking)
  • Hold the stethoscope firmly and close to the sensor membrane
  • Avoid any motion during the recording. Don’t press too hard since this may muffle the sounds
  • If the noise level was too high during a recording, a popup will allow you to go back and record that point again
  • Make sure you take deep breaths through your mouth during the exam to ensure the sounds of your lungs are heard

Video Tutorial

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