Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Plans & Virtual Visits

The ConnectCare membership plan allows you to:
1. Share your physical exam results with whomever you want, such as your provider.
2. Have a Virtual Care Visit with a US-certified clinician. 

Please note: the cost of your ConnectCare membership only allows you to send outgoing communications through the Nonagon app; each Nonagon Virtual Care Visit comes with an additional fee.    

The membership covers your entire household for all ages starting at 3 years old. Coming soon, the ConnectCare service will be open to children of 6 months and up.

No strings attached. Cancel anytime. 

$7.99 per month. The purchase of your Nonagon Care Kit comes with a free 90-day trial.
Each Virtual Care Visit is a separate expense (see below).

Cost of virtual consultations with our healthcare professionals are:
$39 for adults ages 18+
$49 for children 3*-17
*Coming soon: services for ages 6mo.+

Yes! Nonagon’s ConnectCare service has clinicians who are certified across all 50 states, ensuring access to healthcare professionals nationwide.

The ConncetCare Pro membership plan provides ongoing remote access to your clinician.

The membership covers the entire household for all ages starting at 6 months.

Cancel anytime.

The purchase of your Nonagon Care Kit includes a 90-day free trial to your ConncectCare Pro membership.
Following the completion of the free trial, the ConnectCare Pro membership will cost $7.99 per month, which can be canceled at any time.

ConnectCare Membership:
Nonagon Telehealth clinicians are available Between 7am and midnight CST. Note: After midnight virtual care visits are only available for 18+ and wait times might be longer

ConnectCare Pro Membership: Check with your provider for their online availability.

Yes, you can perform 9 medical exams using the Nonagon Care Kit for your entire family ages 6 months and up other than the thermometer which is only for 2 yrs and up. However, to be able to share your exam results with a provider and conduct virtual visits, you’ll need to sign up for a membership plan.

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