Performing Exams


Before each exam carefully read the App instructions and watch the video tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Turn on the N9+ device, launch the App, and login to your Nonagon account

2. In the Members screen, tap the START button for the patient you wish to perform the exam on

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3. Select Ears from the exams menu

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4. Uncap the otoscope to turn it on and tap NEXT. The otoscope ring will be flashing green

5. Click JOIN to connect to the otoscope wireless network

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6. Once connected, the green light will become still

7. Attach a clean speculum to the otoscope and make sure it is secured tightly all the way. The app will indicate what color speculum you should use depending on the age of the patient

8. Go through the App instructions. Use the arrows to go back and review the steps. When you’re ready to continue, tap START EXAM NOW

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9. Identify the right ear and watch the example displayed in the app. Tap GOT IT to confirm

10. Pull the ear gently upwards and to the side to comfortably insert the speculum. Use the app display to make sure you’ve identified the ear drum. When you’re ready, tap TAKE VIDEO to start the recording countdown

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11. You can play the video and retake the exam if needed. When you’re done, tap SAVE EXAM

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12. Change to a clean speculum and repeat the process for the left ear

13. Save your results and place the cap back on to the otoscope to disconnect. Tap OK to return to the exams menu

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14. The videos will appear in the exams menu screen

Exam Tips

  • Make sure the speculum is clean of any fibers that may interfere with the video
  • Make sure you’ve secured the ear speculum tightly all the way down on the otoscope so no gap is left between the speculum and the otoscope light indicator ring
  • In some cases, you may be able to simply insert the otoscope with the speculum straight in without pulling and maneuvering the ear

Video Tutorial

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