Performing Exams

  • Make sure your forehead is clean and dry
  • Make sure the area is cleared of hair
  • Remove glasses
  • Make sure the thermometer sensor and the diaphragm are touching your forehead

To listen to any of the stethoscope exams, you must have earphones or ear buds. Make sure they are properly connected to your phone and the volume is up

Check your mobile phone’s display settings and make sure the font size is set to the default and not a larger size

Make sure you’ve secured the ear speculum tightly all the way down on the otoscope so no gap is left between the speculum and the otoscope light indicator ring

A prescription is required to use the oximeter and perform the heart rate and oxygen level exam for the first time. This service is provided by Nonagon at no extra cost. Simply tap “Request Prescription” on the exam menu tab and approve the request. Within a few seconds you should see the prescription was filled and you can proceed to the exam

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