Performing Exams


Before each exam carefully read the App instructions and watch the video tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Turn on the N9+ device, launch the App, and login to your Nonagon account

2. In the Members screen, tap the START button for the patient you wish to perform the exam on

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3. Select Skin from the exams menu

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4. Review the app instructions and press START

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5. Using your phone’s camera, take a photo of the area you wish to send, and save the image. You may also upload an image from your phone gallery

6. Select the area on the figure to indicate what the photo contains, and tap NEXT

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7. You can retake the photo and/or add up to 4 photos. Once you’re done, tap SAVE EXAM

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8. The exam will appear in the exams menu screen

Exam Tips

  • Make sure the camera is in focus
  • Zoom out to also photograph the general area around the point of focus
  • If the exact area in question isn’t specified in the figure, add more identifying details in the text/video description before you send the exam to your provider

Video Tutorial

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